HH1 – Wake up!

HH1 - polar finalHH1 Setup final So according to my time line I should be conducting experiments using a BUG to turn on something that would wake me up based on my heart rate.  Up till now, I had the set up displayed in the top diagram at left – a device that measured, stored and transmitted my heart rate based on specific threshold criteria.  To take the next step, however, I was missing a critical piece of the puzzle;  a device to actually turn heart rate information into a physical “on/off” event to activate some external “waker upper”.  Luckily I had access to an electrical engineering wiz kid named Andrew Tergis (interning at Bug Labs from RPI) who designed and built the power cord needed.  The bottom picture shows it connected to the BUG.  With additional programming support from Brian Ballantine, I am set to go.

Now all I need to do is find a suitable device that I can plug in and trigger based on a pre-determined heart rate threshold.  I’m thinking I could use a radio set at a high enough volume to wake me up.  I’m not a super heavy sleeper so it should work fine.  I’m sure I’ll be irritated.  But it’s for a good cause!

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