Project HH1 – Low Blood Sugar Alert Device

picture-16My first Hacking Health project, appropriately labeled “HH1″ is to build a simple device that alerts someone, sets off an alarm, or both, when a low blood sugar level is reached, specifically when sleeping.  I want the device to be super simple to understand, operate and depend on.

Here are the requirements.

- Safe – must not have potential to harm user in ANY way

- Battery powered – must last through a typical 8-10 hour night

- Comfortable to wear – must not interfere with a good night’s sleep

- Reliable – must not “cry wolf”

- Simple to use – turn it on, check for “ok” status and that’s it

- Extensible – easy to add new functions to so the unit gets better over time

Please let me know if you think I’m missing anything elemental.  I will be posting some more info on how I will share my progress shortly.

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