2010 Predictions – Top Ten

fireworksWhat better way to start the year than to stick your neck way out and take a few chances.  I’ve decided it’s my theme for the year anyway so what the heck.  It will be a whole 12 months before I need to pay the piper, so what have I got to lose?

Some of these are pretty safe bets, others are seriously questionable.

1 – Automobiles become the next Killer App – let’s face it, what other mass market device has as much Internet/Cloud/Social/Hype potential?  None.  The car is going online in 2010 and the results will be spectacular.

2 – Microsoft becomes cool again – with Bing leading the charge, MS will start to innovate in new and surprisingly useful ways.  Extra Credit – Balmer steps down.

3 – The DIY Revolution goes mainstream – Etsy, Make, Open Source (fill in the blank), all these communities point to a single, well known fact – the world’s consumers are rewarding vendors who give them more, not less, control.  We will see a surge in manufacturers catering to this crowd.

4 – US carriers realize they need to truly support 3rd party innovation – today it’s still incredibly hard to work with the wireless carriers in this country.  This year, they will come to their senses and recognize that the long overdue Mobile Internet is a revolution (still) waiting to happen.

5 – Google’s Android has major growing pains – The hype factor is high and the smart phones coming to market that use it are hot.  But with Google now getting into the market directly, and questions brewing about if they’ll play favorites (they already are aren’t they?), Google will have to navigate this year carefully.

6 – The government more publicly embraces Open Source software and hardware – in an effort to innovate faster, respond more rapidly and, in the case of the military, help save lives and defeat tech-saavy enemies, the government will recognize that community-driven approaches to technology innovation trump concerns over secrecy and completely proprietary architectures.  I anticipate a couple, large publicly announced wins.

7 – Apple continues to kick ass – what, you don’t believe me?  My 70 year old mother just bought an iMac.  Nuff said.  I’m putting my money where my mouth is and investing in APPL.

8 – Sony continues to produce nothing of interest – I think change will come to Sony, but like most things Japanese, it won’t happen suddenly and certainly won’t happen in 2010.

9 – Obama will get a lot more gray hair – the White House seems to have this effect on its occupants.  This isn’t really a prediction more of an acknowledgment of fact.  He’s got a lot to do and not much time left to make it all happen.

10 – Peter Semmelhack will pick up his guitar and play live somewhere in Manhattan – this one is a stretch!

I will make sure to re-visit these in 12 months and evaluate my clairvoyance.  Will be interesting!  Let me know your thoughts.

Photo Credit – foxypar4

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